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Case Studies

We are responsible for both the design and construction of a facility
Few cases present here with name change to conceal the identity of our client
Note, Full case study links are removed

Peter & Melkhova’s Home

Modern English interior design is all about bringing together the best components of traditional and modern styles. By combining timeless pieces such as a fireplace, Historic period furniture, wainscoting and crown molding carpentry, you can create a luxurious and stylish home.

Fay Office Interior

Percet methods are used for this fast demand project

Highlights :

  • Fixed Budget.
  • Creative Mood board.
  • Few fixed Inspiration Object.
  • Apt Layout Plan.
  • Choosen Foundation Furniture.
  • Fixed Paint Colors.
  • Labour Scale Up.
  • No cris-cros

Reading Room Concepts for Nathan Moe's Home Interior

You don’t have to have a corner or a nook to fashion a spot for reading. An change bedroom wall—like the space between the closet and assistant, for example—can feel just as private. To make the area seem like a designated spot, add shelves, a floor cushion, pillows and some fun prosodies, like a wall decal and string light source

Nathan Moe's Home Interior

Almost all sense modality elements of a room – flooring, ceiling, walls, furniture, lights, upholstery, doors, windows, electronic items and accessories