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A Team of Passionate implementors

There is no dispute that the perfect design game has gained a lot of popularity across the planning world and particularly in big interior designers, known architects and big turn key players.
How to show support to own designs? Simply, by right implementation and aligning tasks.
You get a lot of morale when customers cheer your work.
Hi there this is Mangesh Nimonkar. Your work implementer, site handler, consultant. We have all kinds of teams from flooring, painting acoustics to security systems.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

The professional interior work implementer Mangesh Nimonkar works are going to take a look at the interior decor design aspect of your present design and will try to make the changes as per your timelines accordingly. You might fall in love with a particular design and want it in your room. But due to the difference in space and constructional means, the design might turn out to be nothing but cramped. Therefore, you need to take help of a reliable professional, who will visit your work site, research your work place well and can provide you with the best interior design application of your choice.

Our Story

MN works is an all-in-one civil work implementation dias for interior designers, architects, turn keys. We work on multi sites , multi locations around the nation. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Thane Mumbai.

Our Implementation Process

Let’s uncover a well-proven process for doing justice to your design


The implementation plan details the who, what, when and how much of your design work. The plan covers partner roles and responsibilities, activities, timeline, budget and management considerations.


Process: Facilitated discussion or small group work
Output: Draft work plan
This is the task where plans designed by you for implementing your strategy and achieving your communication objectives are outlined.
1. For this task, focus on major milestone activities.
-What are the site activities that need to be implemented?
-What are the intermediate steps necessary for each dependent activity?
– What is the necessary system of activities?
2. Using the possible associates identified in Task 1, assign responsibility for each activity.
-Who will be responsible for the implementation of each activity?


Process: Simplified work
Output: implementation plan
Complete the implementation plan below with your answers to who, what, when and how much.

Getting an envious look with solid work

For anyone that wishes to have an undiscovered style, we offer an exclusive range of workmanship. Your customer can get this in various forms that are advantageous and a perfect alternative to traditional work styles.